Senior Product Designer & Creative based in London. Over the past 7 years, I've completed some truly rewarding projects alongside some of the world's big players including; Google, YouTube & Barclays, as well as some future game changers such as Back Market.

Working within smaller teams has meant I’ve grown and become accomplished across a number of different roles; namely Creative Direction, Art Direction and Strategy, on top of my bread and butter of being a Product Designer. I believe this cocktail grants me a solid platform to take on any challenge with insight-led direction, design finesse and a well structured roadmap. Oh, I also write copy. 🙌

With a background in architecture, my design career is somewhat unconventional. However I see this as one of my greatest strengths — architecture instilled in me empathy in design. It's the bedrock of my thinking placing people at the heart of every decision and convinced me that the smallest details can make the ordinary, extraordinary.


The idea is #1
Bouncing ideas is my version of Netflix. Well, not really, but I do absolutely love it. Building a strong idea or proposition is make or break for any project of mine so it gets my full attention.

Always share
Stories, work, knowledge, perspectives, opinions, experiences, jokes and your last Rolo. Sharing is important for the team so I endeavour to do it often.

Upskill. Upskill. Upskill.
I'm always looking for new ways to learn, gain perspectives and increase my offering. I prioritise attending regular events, keeping up with the new and embracing emerging software.

Have an opinion
Whatever it is I will always try to have one. One that is honest, thoughtful and well considered. For me, bringing opinions are pivotal for discussion and progress.

Self-initiated projects
Design does define my life, it goes beyond my 9–5. On my phone is a collection of ideas, from big to little, good to bad. Those that pique my curiosity most become real projects to tackle in my spare time.

Design for good
Each year our world is faced with fresh new challenges and design is going to be central to solving these problems. It will be tough but I am optimistic for the future and excited to get stuck in.


Creative Direction
Art Direction
UX Design
UI Design
Motion Design

Creative Strategy
Idea Generation
User Testing
Proposition Testing
Product Research
Illustration (light)


Senior Product Designer
June 2018 – Present

Toaster (Google Creative Lab Vendor)
Senior Designer & Creative
August 2014 – June 2018

Freelance Brand Designer
August 2013 – August 2014

(+44) 7481 835 732

current location

London, UK