My personal and my professional lives are interconnected, you don’t get one without the other and I wouldn’t want it any other way. So in the spirit of being open and honest and representing myself fully I think it’s important to introduce Alex, the person.


1. I’m welsh but don’t have the accent, but I certainly have the passion when the rugby is on.

2. I’m a very, very, (very) distant relative to Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin.

3. I’m trying to learn German — “Es ist ziemlich schwer, aber liebe ich es!”🇩🇪

4. I once stripped wallpaper with David Gandy. (He's seemed like a decent guy).

5. My phone is full of ideas; some good, some bad and some dam right odd — plan to work some of them up.

6. I have an insatiable appetite for trying new things, so much so my friend built a microsite inspiring me with new ideas.

7. My party trick is the worm (inspired by the great 'Scotty 2 Hotty' of 'Too Cool' fame).

8. Last year, my friend and I taught ourselves to ice skate in an attempt to feign being Canadian.

9. I am a mid-week vegetarian. (I don't understand why everyone dislikes Quorn.)

10. Entered myself into the Munich marathon for this October — first attempt so wish me luck!

(+44) 7481 835 732

current location

London, UK